Social Media FAQ’s

Q: What is SMM?
A:  SMM is stand for Social Media Management or Marketing

Q: What is A/B Testing
A: A/B Testing Give is us Insight to Change the attributes, such as Ads creativity, Placement and audience to verify which Ads Planning Performing Better and to Increase ROI for Advertisement Budget.

Q: Hashtag Selection?
A: We used Combination of Top, Middle and Lower Hashtag to get Maximum Exposure to our Post & Tweets.

Q: What Are PPC and CPC
A: PPC Stand for Pay Per Click, PPC can increase the Exposure of your Product or Brand to larger Audience.
CPC Stand for Cost Per Click, CPC is used to Measure the efficiency and relevancy to make your campaign more effective.

Q: Is Netcom Plans Including Paid Ads?
A: No, In Our SMM Plans Paid Ads are not included; Customer has to pay separately for Paid Ads.

Q: What kind of Access Netcom Required?
A: We Required Basic Information of Social Media Accounts.

Q: How long it’s taking to Start Posting?
A: Posting will be started immediately after payment.

Q: Content Creation?
A: Customer Will Provide the Basic Information for Content Creation such as Material, Usage, Sizes & Variations.

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